About Elix

Elix as a colt with his mother Nagia

Elix as a colt with his mother Nagia

Elix is a Norwegian Fjord gelding, born in 2006 in Eastern Ontario. His father Felix was imported from Norway and his mother Nagia was imported from Holland. Elix was raised in a herd of Fjordhorses, and taught the basics of how to lead, tie, and be handled by his breeder. At five years of age he was sold to become a riding and driving horse and he was sent to a trainer to be started.

Things unfortunately got off to a rough start with the trainer. At the trainer’s facility Elix was anxious and found it hard to settle. Over the course of two months he had some unfortunate incidents, including barging out of the round pen and knocking the trainer over; another time he spooked when being long-lined, pulled away, and ran off when the trainer scraped his foot on the ground. Finally Elix bolted and bucked the trainer off when he was riding him in the ring.

The trainer then declared Elix was a dangerous and untrainable horse and refused to touch him anymore, and said that he should be euthanized! I thought Elix deserved a chance, so I agreed to take on his retraining. He arrived here at the end of October 2011.

My plan for Elix was to start at the very beginning. I wanted him to be vet checked and have his teeth floated right after he arrived, because my gut feeling was that there was some physical issue that caused the training problem. As it turns out, on that first day my vet found a painful piece of baby tooth embedded in his gums, right where the bit goes.

Once his mouth healed up, I started working with him. I do dressage riding, so I started Elix in basic dressage training. I first taught Elix to lunge with tack and accept contact with the bridle. We took things at his pace, and gave him the time he needed to figure things out. In truth, he never put a foot wrong since he got here. As the weather got better and Elix had his basic foundation, I started riding him out in the fields and trails.

To minimize confusion, I gave Elix the barn name of “Levi” since I already have a horse called Helix in my barn. I blogged about each step of Levi’s retraining from the day before he arrived here. My pledge has always been total honesty in reporting how I train Levi and how he reacts every step of the way.

To follow Levi’s story from the very beginning, click on Elix Arrives. Then at the bottom of each post, you can click Next Post to read the next segment of the tale.

About Lori

Hi there! I’m Lori Albrough, Levi’s trainer and the author of this blog. I own Bluebird Lane, a Fjord horse farm near Moorefield, Ontario where I breed, raise, and train wonderful Fjord horses. I love horses, dressage, healthy living, and life in the country.