Prepping for Florida

by Lori Albrough on July 8, 2012

We are certainly practicing for Florida weather! It has been really hot here for this time of year.

Levi got a fresh body clip today in preparation for his journey. I wondered how much would really come off him, since he is a pretty fine-haired Fjord horse. I was surprised that the cut-off hair filled half a muck bucket!

I’ve also been doing some trail rides after our riding sessions in the arena. The other day we headed out around the hayfield down by the lake for 15 minutes. It was just him, me, and Iris. The cottagers were out on the speedboats, making that sound as it hits the waves, and the water-skiers were shrieking. Someone else was weed-whacking up a storm. It’s all behind a tall hedge so we can hear, but we don’t see where it’s coming from. He was such a good boy!

Also in the preparation department, we’ve been doing some trailer loading practice. Levi hasn’t been on a trailer since he got here, and while I wasn’t anticipating any problems (he loaded easily and traveled well when Larry brought him) I thought a little bit of getting used to the trailer would be a good thing before a long journey.

The loading has gone well, it usually takes just a couple of minutes and he stays mentally engaged so I just let him take his time. He hesitates at the bottom of the ramp and thinks about it, takes baby steps until his hind feet are on, and then he commits and goes the rest of the way straight up. Takes about 2 to 3 minutes. Once on, I feed him half a scoop of pellets, so he will hopefully think of a trailer as a happy place.


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