Champagne for Everybody!

by Lori Albrough on June 25, 2012

Levi is going to be a Floridian! A big congratulations and high-fives to Robin Churchill on her purchase of Elix (Levi).

Robin with Lori after spending two days at Bluebird Lane riding and training on Levi

Robin came up to Bluebird Lane last week and spent two days getting to know Levi, riding him, taking lessons, and putting him through all his paces.

Robin said that it’s OK to tell you that she usually feels nervous the first few times she rides a new horse, but with Levi she could just feel he was a good boy and she didn’t have anything to worry about. Robin says “I felt the most relaxed on him that I ever have on a horse I’ve never ridden before.”

Robin lives in Southwest Florida, where she rides dressage, and trains with Carol Herron. Congratulations again to Robin and Levi. I am so excited for this new duo!


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