Out On the Trail

by Lori Albrough on April 29, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, since Levi’s training has just been going along in a normal routine. Well this weekend we had some new things on the agenda, so I have an update for you.

On Saturday we had a visit from a client who came to look at horses. She decided to try Levi. She came with her friend, and two big 100 pound dogs who were running and playing with Iris in the barn as we got Levi ready. Our client had been off riding for a while, while recovering from a broken bone. This was the first time Levi had been ridden by anyone other than me. He was such a good boy! He never put a foot wrong and I couldn’t have asked for him to have been better. I had a lot of faith in him and he certainly lived up to it.

Then on Sunday I took Levi out for his first trail ride. We have been training in the arena through the winter, and now that the weather is better, we had an opportunity to head outside. We rode down to our hay field which slopes down towards the lake, and spent some time riding up and down hills next to the bush. Levi really enjoyed the experience, he walked on nicely with ears up and wasn’t bothered by Iris running in and out of the bush, or the noises we could hear from the cottages on the other side of our hedge down by the lake.


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