The Year in Review

by Lori Albrough on December 31, 2011

I thought I’d do a year in review summary for Levi (Elix) as we wrap up 2011 and head into a fresh New Year! Woot!

Levi arrived here October 27th, so he has been with us two months. On his first day here, my vet found a retained baby tooth lodged in his gums. After that was extracted, we gave Levi ten days to make sure his mouth was fully healed before we put on a bridle and started teaching him to lunge. Now, at the end of December, Levi is working nicely under saddle in walk, trot, and has started the canter on both reins. He is nice in the contact, and has learned the aids to go forward and come back, as well as steer. He is not worried by noises or new things in the arena (except he still gets a bit distracted by new people being in the arena).

Levi’s barn manners are pretty much impeccable. He always had a soft and willing temperament, and since being in our program he has learned patience, and now stands on the cross-ties in the morning for as long as it takes, without moving at all. He was easy to train because he really wants to please. He has such an adorable expression on his face when I come in the barn and he is standing there, tacked up and waiting patiently for me. He is not worried by anything happening in the barn and we can drop stuff, throw blankets around, sweep and shovel around his feet, and go past him with wheelbarrows or plastic bags of shavings, all without causing him any concern.

As we head into a New Year I am happy with the progress we have made so far, and am looking forward to the future with this horse.


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