December 2011

The Year in Review

December 31, 2011

I thought I’d do a year in review summary for Levi (Elix) as we wrap up 2011 and head into a fresh New Year! Woot! Levi arrived here October 27th, so he has been with us two months. On his first day here, my vet found a retained baby tooth lodged in his gums. After […]

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And, We Canter Under Saddle to the Left, Too!

December 29, 2011

Today was the last ride of 2011 for Levi and me 🙂 and it was another good one. Yesterday, Elena came to visit, and it was the first time that she was in the arena while I was working Levi. He was a bit distracted by her being there, but he kept his focus pretty […]

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First Canter Under Saddle

December 27, 2011

It’s been eleven days since I posted an update on Levi’s (Elix’s) training. Although it’s the holiday time of year, we have been able to keep working pretty steadily. Last week I worked with Levi four times, and this week I’ve ridden him twice already. Today was a milestone because it was the first time […]

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A Good Week, Getting Fitter

December 16, 2011

Levi (Elix) has had a good week. His energy level is good, and he is building his stamina as well as his understanding. I’m enjoying working with him. He has a nice stride for dressage and is nice in the contact. I know it’s early days but he shows a lot of promise. This week […]

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Video Check-in

December 9, 2011

Stefan was home today and we were able to get a few pictures and video clips of Levi (Elix). This was only Stefan’s second time in the arena with Levi while we were working, but today Levi didn’t seem at all backed off by Stefan’s presence. I guess Levi is learning his job and feels […]

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Setting Goals

December 8, 2011

Levi’s (Elix’s) training continues to go well. What a great difference being clipped has made to his energy level. Now I have him right where I like! He is going forward and building his stamina, but he is never silly. Yesterday I got right on and rode him, and today we did a lungeing session […]

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Feeling Fit in a Fancy New Clip!

December 6, 2011

Levi (Elix) loves his new clip. Or, more precisely, I love Levi in his new clip! In addition to looking like a sharp-dressed man, he is much fresher in his work. He can now feel, and reacts to, small touches of the dressage whip, and his stamina is much better. I guess working in a […]

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Shave and a Haircut!

December 4, 2011

Today Levi (Elix) had his first exposure to electric clippers, and his first full-body clip. Talk about diving in at the deep end! He did awesome, and I am very happy with the final result. We needed to body clip him because he is sweating so much in his workouts that it is taking hours […]

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A New Week and Finding My Approach

December 1, 2011

To recap where we’re at with Levi (Elix), last week we mastered mounting on our own and riding off the lunge line. Well, we did those things on Monday and spent the rest of the week practicing and fine-tuning. What I have found so far is that Levi has great relaxation and is not worried […]

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