First Place in His First Show

by Lori Albrough on September 18, 2014

Levi with Becky riding and Robin

Levi with Becky (riding) and Robin (standing)

I have a very nice update on Elix (barn name Levi) to share!

Robin Churchill, Levi’s owner, wrote that on August 23, Levi went to his first show — a recognized dressage show at Fox Lea Farms, which is the main show venue on the more southern west coast of Florida. “We could not be more proud of Levi as he won his class with a 65.5% at Training Level with a rider for whom this was also her first recognized dressage show! He was completely good and did not put a foot wrong.”

Woo Hoo! Congratulations to Becky and Robin, who have done a great job with Levi!

Robin says, “Levi had not ever been to a show of any kind before this one. We are anticipating more success with this guy, as he really seems to take going places pretty much in stride and actually sometimes seems to work better away than at home.”

Levi at the Fox Lea Farm show:

Levi schooling at home:

Becky and Levi schooling in Fort Myers:

How wonderful to see Levi thriving in his Florida home. Please join me in offering high-fives to Robin and Becky on a job well done! Three cheers for Levi and his team!

Note: Levi’s back-story, and the reason why he is the subject of his own blog, can be read at About Elix. To follow the story of his re-training from the beginning, click on Elix Arrives and then click Next Post at the bottom to follow along.

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En route!

by Lori Albrough on July 18, 2012

Levi loading up for the first leg of his trip

Levi set off on his journey to South West Florida yesterday. He left here at 8:45 am to go to the Perry Transport yard. From there the plan was to leave for Florida in the afternoon, arriving in Ocala tonight, staying over and then going on to Fort Myers tomorrow.

Loading took three minutes here at home. Levi hesitated at the bottom of the ramp, but after I let him sniff the ramp he let me coax him up, and the Perry driver give him a gentle push on the behind, and he walked right on. It was a hot humid day but he has a fresh body clip and is in good shape so I hope he will travel well. Safe travels, Levi!

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Prepping for Florida

by Lori Albrough on July 8, 2012

We are certainly practicing for Florida weather! It has been really hot here for this time of year.

Levi got a fresh body clip today in preparation for his journey. I wondered how much would really come off him, since he is a pretty fine-haired Fjord horse. I was surprised that the cut-off hair filled half a muck bucket!

I’ve also been doing some trail rides after our riding sessions in the arena. The other day we headed out around the hayfield down by the lake for 15 minutes. It was just him, me, and Iris. The cottagers were out on the speedboats, making that sound as it hits the waves, and the water-skiers were shrieking. Someone else was weed-whacking up a storm. It’s all behind a tall hedge so we can hear, but we don’t see where it’s coming from. He was such a good boy!

Also in the preparation department, we’ve been doing some trailer loading practice. Levi hasn’t been on a trailer since he got here, and while I wasn’t anticipating any problems (he loaded easily and traveled well when Larry brought him) I thought a little bit of getting used to the trailer would be a good thing before a long journey.

The loading has gone well, it usually takes just a couple of minutes and he stays mentally engaged so I just let him take his time. He hesitates at the bottom of the ramp and thinks about it, takes baby steps until his hind feet are on, and then he commits and goes the rest of the way straight up. Takes about 2 to 3 minutes. Once on, I feed him half a scoop of pellets, so he will hopefully think of a trailer as a happy place.

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Champagne for Everybody!

by Lori Albrough on June 25, 2012

Levi is going to be a Floridian! A big congratulations and high-fives to Robin Churchill on her purchase of Elix (Levi).

Robin with Lori after spending two days at Bluebird Lane riding and training on Levi

Robin came up to Bluebird Lane last week and spent two days getting to know Levi, riding him, taking lessons, and putting him through all his paces.

Robin said that it’s OK to tell you that she usually feels nervous the first few times she rides a new horse, but with Levi she could just feel he was a good boy and she didn’t have anything to worry about. Robin says “I felt the most relaxed on him that I ever have on a horse I’ve never ridden before.”

Robin lives in Southwest Florida, where she rides dressage, and trains with Carol Herron. Congratulations again to Robin and Levi. I am so excited for this new duo!

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Levi Has a Visitor

by Lori Albrough on June 3, 2012

We enjoyed a visit from our 10 year old niece today. She had two weeks of riding camp last summer and wanted to show us her new riding skills.

So I put her on Levi on the lunge and gave her a lesson. He was calm, quiet, confidence-inducing, and not disturbed at all when she became unbalanced in the posting trot, or held her hands too high or unsteady. He also responded nicely to her leg aids which were barely three inches below the edge of the saddle.

I was so impressed (yet again) with Levi today. He has such a sweet temper and is proving to be really versatile.

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A New Video and Another Trail Ride

by Lori Albrough on May 21, 2012

We’ve been having a beautiful weekend. On Saturday, Stefan took some new pictures of me and Levi. Today was another beautiful day, so Stefan shot a new video of me warming up with Levi, and then we headed out for another trail ride and got some more new pictures.

Levi is doing so well, he hasn’t put a foot wrong throughout his training, and he is such a nice horse with a great temperament. I am pleased to announce that he will now be offered for sale. Click here for more details.

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Out On the Trail

April 29, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, since Levi’s training has just been going along in a normal routine. Well this weekend we had some new things on the agenda, so I have an update for you. On Saturday we had a visit from a client who came to look at horses. She decided to […]

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Another Video Check-in

February 5, 2012

We shot this video of Levi last weekend, on January 28th, as I wanted to show you how he is doing. Although you can’t really tell, there was a snow storm raging outside as we shot this video. I could feel that this caused Levi to feel a bit tight in his body, but you […]

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We are Rocking the Canter!

January 17, 2012

Since starting Levi’s canter work under saddle just before the New Year and then having an easy first week back after New Year’s, I’ve been working the canter every ride since then. A lot of times when you are training the canter with a young horse you have to be really emphatic in your body […]

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Easing into the New Year

January 6, 2012

Levi (Elix) had an easy week for this first week of the new year. I worked him only twice this week, which is pretty unusual for me, but he’s doing well so I’m not concerned. On Monday we were planning on getting back to normal after the holidays, and we came outside in the morning […]

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